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Booyah Blade Spinner Blade

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This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock
Booyah Blade Spinner Blade Spinnerbaits are very versatile in that they can be fished shallow or deep, fast or slow, winter or summer. Primarily, the BOOYAH Blade will be used in shallow water situations around wood or vegetation. This bait is relatively weedless and can be worked in and around this type of heavy cover. The BOOYAH Blade comes in several blade and color combinations that will match almost any baitfish the bass may be feeding on. A varied retrieve ranging from waking the bait on top with a fast retrieve during the warm water periods to slow rolling the bait on the bottom with a slow retrieve during cold water periods can be effective based on the prevailing conditions. The one constant you can count on is that when fish are aggressive, they will bite a spinnerbait Varieties: 3/8 oz Tandem-blade Lime/Chartreuse 1/8 oz Single-blade, White/Chartreuse