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Original SwimNfrenzy, Mini Frenzy & Micro (storage tube incl)

$20.99 $16.99

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A productive way to target suspending bass, stripers and other gamefish feeding on baitfish, the Swim-N-Frenzy simply allows you to throw three or four baits at once, to simulate a small school of baitfish. This is a new version of the umbrella-type multi-wire bass fishing lure. When rigged with various jig and swim bait combinations, this rig emulates a shad ball that is irresistible to hungry bass. Each rig has a molded lead head and the stainless steel wires end with a barrel swivel and a snap swivel to affix a soft plastic of some sort imbedded on a jig or hook and are extremely strong and flexible. Several anglers have had great tournament success with this lure, both professional and amateur. Now in the Mini and Micro sizes. Available in White, Black, Charteuse and Unpainted. Made in the USA. *Don't forget to check your State's fish and game rules and regulations as some states limit the number of hooks allowed on a fishing lure.

 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -