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Chomper Standup Black Jigheads

$5.49 $3.99

This item is out of stock
This item is out of stock
These Chompers Stand-Up Jig Heads are made to compliment the famous Chompers Skirted Grubs. They have a mushroom shaped head that allows the bait to stand up, while the twin tails wave in the water for lots of bass attracting action. They offer a braided wire weed guard that effectively keeps the hook out of sticks and other underwater debris, but allows you to easily put the hook into a fish. Each jig comes with a Mustad Needlepoint hook for guaranteed sharpness and each head is painted a bait matching color. As you crawl your Chomper Skirted Grub or other spider jig along the bottom, the Chomper Stand-Up Head will keep the bait moving and dancing for a lifelike presentation. Stands on the jig head to lift your plastic lure off the bottom for increased visibility to fish Braided wire guard reduces the chance that the jig will snag on weeds and other structure. 1/4 oz or 3/8 oz., 8 per pack, Black Made in the USA.