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Custom SwimNfrenzy Rigs (storage tube incl)

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A new variation of the Swim-N-frenzy that adds an Owner teaser spring to each arm (except for the center arm on the 5 wire) that allows you to throw more baits at once, to simulate a small school of baitfish. This is a new version of the umbrella-type multi-wire bass fishing lure. When rigged with various jig and swim bait combinations, this rig emulates a shad ball that is irresistible to hungry bass. Each rig has a 1/2 oz molded lead head and the stainless steel wires end with a barrel swivel and a snap swivel to affix a soft plastic of some sort imbedded on a jig or hook and are extremely strong and flexible. Available in White and Unpainted. Made in the USA.