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Matzuo Kinchou 11 Minnow

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The Kinchou Minnow features the nervousness of an eccentric baitfish with its curved body and incredible wide wobble. Its aggressive wobble action will receive much attention as it swims thru the water, resonating sound from its stainless steel bearings. Retrieve or troll... Fast of slow. The Kinchou Series covers depths from 2 to 20 plus feet (depending on size).
This perfectly balanced bait will float at rest, yet dive quickly when retrieved slowly.Features realistic flared "bloody red" gills to look like a real distressed baitfish.Stainless steel bearings create a resonating rattle to attract attention. Excellent for all types of game fish.

Minnow - Weight 5/8 oz. Length 4 1/2". Depth: 10 - 20' SMDS11

Casting Minnow - Weight: 5/8 oz.Length: 4 1/2". Depth: 6-10' SMCS11