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Norman Lures Deep Little N Crankbait

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The Norman Deep Little N is a legendary Classic-winning lure that hunts in the 9-to-12 foot range. With a medium wobble, the DLN triggers strikes whether it’s slow rolled or burned in.  A classic medium diver, the Deep Little N hits that 9-12 foot sweep spot quickly. With the famous medium-wide Norman action, the Deep Little N has posted wins in the biggest tournaments in the nation – including a Bassmaster Classic.

Type - Deep Little N, Little N and Suspending Deep Little N

Norman Lures - Made in the USA  3/8 oz, 2 3/4" long, Dives 9 to 12 ft

Colors - Chartreuse Black, TN Ghost, Red Shad, Bird Egg, Bluegill, Joe Green BLL, Olive Green, Bass and Royal Shad