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Yum Super CrawBug

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Built to satisfy the hunger of bass, the Yum Super Crawbug delivers an ultra-realistic crawfish imitation is able to fool the most seasoned of predators. Designed with three-dimensional detailing never-before-seen in a soft plastic, the Yum Super Crawbug features a super-soft texture that makes it incredibly lifelike. Molded with a hollow body and flapping appendages on a pre-rigged weed-less jig head, the Yum Super Crawbug perfectly imitates a fleeing crawfish as it scurries along the lake floor. You can also inject your favorite Yum attractant into the hollow chamber. 

1/4 oz, 3 1/4" long,

Colors: Red Shad (shown) & Crawdad

Hook Size 3/0, 3 per pack